For the dropship used by the Tau to carry out orbit-to-surface operations please see Orca.


Starboard view of a Tau Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship


A Tau Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship

The Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship is an Escort starship used by the Tau Empire's Kor'vattra, the Tau Navy. The Kass'l is a much more nimble vessel compared to the Kor'vattra 's other primary Escort class warship, the Kir'qath.

Unable to build an Ether Drive compact enough to fit within the smaller spaceframe of an Escort at the time of the Kass'l-class' construction, the Earth Caste designed an ingenious system of mounting Gravitic Hooks on capital ships, such as the Gal'leath (Explorer)-class starship, so that the Kass'l design could be transported within the much larger capital ship's gravitic sheath. Once unleashed in battle, the Kass'l proved a powerful gunship able to contend with any Imperial or Ork vessel of similar class.


Every Kass'l-class Gunship is armed, as standard, with a prow Railgun battery, a prow Ion Cannon battery, a single defensive turret on its hull, and standard Tau starship gravitic shielding.


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