For the dropship used by the T'au to carry out orbit-to-surface operations please see Orca.

Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship

A Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship in the void.

The Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship is an Escort starship used by the T'au Empire's Kor'vattra, the T'au Navy. The Kass'l is a much more nimble vessel compared to the Kor'vattra 's other primary Escort class warship, the Kir'qath.


Starboard view of a T'au Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship.

Unable to build an Ether Drive compact enough to fit within the smaller spaceframe of an Escort at the time of the Kass'l-class' construction, the Earth Caste designed an ingenious system of mounting Gravitic Hooks on capital ships, such as the Gal'leath (Explorer)-class starship, so that the Kass'l design could be transported within the much larger capital ship's gravitic sheath.

Once unleashed in battle, the Kass'l proved a powerful gunship able to contend with any Imperial or Ork vessel of similar class.



A T'au Kass'l (Orca)-class Gunship.

Every Kass'l-class Gunship is armed, as standard, with a prow Railgun battery, a prow Ion Cannon battery, a single defensive turret on its hull, and standard T'au starship gravitic shielding.


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