Kanak Skull Taker

Kanak Skull Taker Imperial Guardsman.

The Kanak Skull Takers are the regiments of the Astra Militarum raised from the volcano-wracked Feral World of Kanak, which is home to many fierce barbarian tribes.

It is said that many of these tribes are closer to an Ogryn than a baseline human being in size and attitude.

Their talent for slaughter quickly found its way into the Imperial Guard, where considerable tolerance for their feral tactics has been seen.

Like many feral regiments, service in the Imperial Guard is intended to teach the savage Kanak Imperial ways, so that if they ever return to their homeworld, they will hopefully provide a civilising influence to the rest of the indigenous population.

The Skull Takers are notable for utilising Ogryn as well as Rough Rider squadrons within their regimental formations.

Instead of standard Lasguns, Kanak Skull Takers infantry carry various forms of close combat weapons and Laspistols. Some even wield two primitive melee weapons. The Skull Takers prefer Flamers, but rarely use heavy weapons, due to the feral nature of the regiments.


Notable Campaigns

  • Fall of Kanak (Unknown Date) - When an army of Word Bearers led by the Chaos Champion Pollux the Flayer landed on Kanak and proceeded to capture the planet's key installations, they encountered fierce resistance in the form of Kanak Skull Takers loyal to the Imperium. But alas, in spite of the defenders' inhuman heroism and tenacity, their resistance amounted to nothing but a brief hindrance for the advance of the forces of Chaos. However, Pollux himself fell during an attempt to destroy the Skull Taker's last war camp.
  • Donorian Webway Breach (999.M41) - After the Warp Storm codified as Inchoate Rage caused a Webway breach in the Donoria Sector, thousands of Donorian Fiends rampaged across Donoria Prime for several solar months. The 838th, 839th, 840th and 841st Kanak Skulltakers, alongside the 331st Vitrian Dragoons and 122nd Savlar Chem-Dogs regiments, were ordered to put down the infestation and close the Webway breach. Only after the 198th Cadian Shock Troops arrived on Donoria Prime to reinforce their comrades was it discovered that they had disappeared, along with the Donorian Fiends, leaving behind nothing save idling vehicles. Two other planets in the Donoria Sector were also discovered to be scoured clean of any intelligent life. No evidence pointing to a culprit was ever found, save that of a calling card featuring a steel serpent pinned to the dead Planetary Governor's head


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