The Kaerls are the Planetary Defence Force of the Death World of Fenris and much of its surrounding star system. They serve under the direct command of the Space Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

Renowned as fierce and effective fighters, Kaerls are commonly equipped with skjoldtar projectile weapons and thick blast-armour. All Kaerls are trained to wield a blade and fire a skjoldtar, a heavy armour-piercing projectile weapon similar to the Autoguns favoured by the Aettguard, the body of elite, Carapace-armoured Kaerls committed to the defence of Leman Russ' ancient fortress-monastery.

Kaerls are the children of a Death World, and from the youngest infant to the oldest crone they know the art of killing.

Kaerls are rough-spoken and often strict towards the lesser Thralls of the Space Wolves. They do not think twice about landing a punch with a riflebutt for sloppy work, but are humane enough beyond that.

They commonly partake in the imbibing of demi-mjod, the heavily alcoholic imitation of the Space Wolves' sacred battle-stimulant.


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