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The Kabal of the Broken Sigil is one of the major Drukhari Kabals of the Dark City of Commorragh. The Broken Sigil takes its icon from the ancient Aeldari glyph Drethuchii, loosely translated into Low Gothic as "the Shattering of Harmony."

Like its namesake, this Kabal is synonymous with discordance. Wherever order and prosperity abound, the Broken Sigil strike with overwhelming force, bringing confusion and despair to the most idyllic planets in the galaxy.

Terror tactics are much beloved by the Kabalites of this sect, so much so that the Broken Sigil's overlord, Archon Xerathis, is looked down upon by his rivals for the predictability of his strategies.

True enough, his Kabalites are not above blanket-bombing with hallucinogenic gas or hijacking communications channels to ensure their victims are frightened half to death before the invasion starts in earnest.

Yet the Kabalites of the Broken Sigil maintain that the price they pay in forewarning the enemy is outweighed by the rich feast of fear that awaits them when the onslaught begins.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Broken Sigil are amongst the most feared and infamous of the Drukhari Kabals, especially upon the worlds of the Imperium. Entire conclaves of Ordo Xenos Inquisitors seek their demise, and on multiple occasions Lord Xerathis has found himself the personal quarry of Deathwatch Kill-teams.

If this hunt concerns the toweringly arrogant fear-monger, he conceals it well. Instead, Xerathis boasts of the fine slaves such post-human warriors make, and insinuates knowingly that, with the correct persuasion, perhaps Space Marines can be made to know fear after all...


A Kabalite Warrior and the sigil in the Aeldari Lexicon of the Kabal of the Broken Sigil

Notable Campaigns

  • The Raid Against the Star Gods (Date Unknown.M41) - The Kabal of the Broken Sigil launches a massive offensive against the Sautekh Dynasty. The Necrons soon bring to bear techno-arcane devices powered by enslaved C'tan, but on each war-front the Broken Sigil focuses all of their efforts on destroying the captive Star Gods before fading from battle.
  • The Harvest of Chogros (543.M41) - The Kabal of the Broken Sigil begins a series of raids on the planet Chogros, capturing the Ogryn natives for the arenas of the Dark City. When Astra Militarum regiments from Catachan, Elysia and Katon arrive to intervene, the conflict escalates into a planet-wide engagement. Though they fight hard, the men of the Imperium are eventually defeated. The Crucibael is thronged for many nights to come as the captured Imperial Guardsmen, sold to the Wych Cults, are forced to fight the very Ogryns that they were sent to save for the braying amusement of the Drukhari spectators.


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