Justertii is a barren world found within the portion of the Jericho Reach under T'au control. Lying in the otherwise starless depths trailing the Black Reef, Justertii represents an undiscovered enigma.

Once an Aeldari "Maiden World" -- a planet seeded long ago by the Aeldari for future settlement -- Justertii is now a desolate waste studded with the blasted remains of Aeldari wraithbone structures.

None can tell what fate befell the world and caused it to become a rogue far from whatever star must have birthed it. To date, both Imperial and T'au scouts have logged the existence of the world, yet it appears to be subject to some unfathomable process that causes it to vanish from the void and to reappear elsewhere.

Any vessel closing on the rogue Maiden World finds itself trailed by ghostly augur returns and those that continue on their course invariably fall prey first to minor systems outages and, should they continue, crippling failures.

The Chamber of Vigilance of Watch Fortress Erioch has debated the matter of Justertti and determined to investigate the sightings, yet it lies a great distance from any Deathwatch holding, making any mission unlikely in the near future.


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