A Feral Ork steam-powered Junka Trukk armed with a Big Shoota

A Junka Trukk, also spelled as Junk Truck or simply called a  "Junka," by the Orks, is a heavily damaged vehicle that have been scavenged off of the battlefield by Feral Ork Junkaboyz, repaired to the best of their tribe's abilities, and pressed back into combat. These vehicles, which are considered light vehicles by Imperial standards, take the form of a barely functioning truck or half-track and are used mostly as an infantry fighting vehicle. It is rare for a Feral Ork tribe to have the mechanical expertise or the spare parts needed to bring the vehicle back up to its original level of functionality of its original form, usually resulting in a vehicle that breaks down often. The scavenged vehicle will be handed over to either the tribe's Boilerboyz or, if none are available, to one of their Pigdoks, who will attempt to get it functioning again to some capacity. Ork Boilerboyz are masters of primitive steam-powered technology, and these vehicles are usually converted over to steam power by the simple addition of a steam engine. Tribes that lack even steam power and Boilerboyz will hand their recovered vehicles over to their Pigdoks. Feral Ork Pigdoks look after the tribe's Squigs, Warboars, and Cyboars and by simply harnessing two or more of these creatures to the front of a Junka Trukk, they can create a crude, yet surprisingly effective combat vehicle. There are even reported cases of Feral Ork Junkas being pedal-powered, powered by the mechanical power of the Orks themselves.


A Feral Ork Warboar-powered Junka Trukk armed with a pintle-mounted Big Shoota

The Junka Truck is only lightly armed, usually featuring a single pintle-mounted Big Shoota that is operated by a dedicated gunner, but can also be armed with a Rokkit Launcha or a Burna. The vehicle is crewed by an Ork Gretchin, who drives the vehicle, and a single Ork, who can be a Nob or a Wildboy. The vehicle is open-topped, allowing the passenger to be armed with Shootas or a Shoota and a Choppa, so that the Ork is able fight off enemies at close range. Junkas also double as inefficient transports, with its passengers riding into battle clinging to any spare piece of their technological masterpiece in large numbers. The Junka Trukk can also be outfitted with many types of attachments and upgrades, including armoured plating, a big grabber, a boarding plank, a bolted-on Big Shoota, a reinforced ram, a Stikkbomb chucka, or a wrecker ball.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the Junka Trukk have not yet been determined by the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition, and due to the sheer variety of vehicles that are given this designation by Feral Orks, this may not be possible.

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