A Jungle World is not an official Imperial planetological classification, but is a term in common usage among Imperial citizens for those planets whose environments are a single, globe-spanning jungle across their entire surfaces. Since the term "Jungle World" is not an official Imperial classification of the Administratum but simply a label used to describe the planet's predominant environmental feature, most Jungle Worlds that have been settled by Mankind are officially classified as Death Worlds, as the environmental conditions or extant jungle biosphere are usually extremely hostile and inamicable to human life.

Notable Jungle Worlds

Planet Name
Andronicus Prime Ultima Segmentum Jericho Reach Unknown Andronicus System Unknown Andronicus Prime is a former verdant jungle world. It was annihilated in 268.M36, when a vast city-sized vessel of unknown origin appears hurtling out of the Warp at great speed in the Andronicus system, and crashes into Andronicus Prime's second moon, shattering it. Debris rains down on the planet, blotting out the sun and laying its verdant forests waste. All life on Andronicus Prime is exterminated in a matter of days, rendering the planet into a Dead World.
Belaeno Unknown Unknown Unknown Kimmerra System Unknown Belaeno is a jungle world located in the Kimmerra System. While in pursuit of a Word Bearers Traitor Legion's Chaos Lord Zymran, an Ultramarines Company led by Captain Kruger receives word that the insidious influence of Chaos has begun to corrupt the population of Belaeno. Moving swiftly, the Ultramarines launch a campaign and successfully purge the Chaos Cultists as well as Zymran and his Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines.
Bengoli V Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown On the jungle-covered world of Bengoli V, Bloodcrushers spearheaded a vast daemonic incursion that gutted the shrines containing thousands of Ecclesiarchy relics. Despite focused retaliation from the Catachan CXXIII, the Juggernauts proved remarkably stubborn in their efforts to smash the well concealed defence emplacements. They stomped over clusters of defenders, pushing back though Imperial lines, and forcing the Catachans to make a tactical retreat into the holy shrines. The concentration of slaughter amidst the holy relics caused a rift to open in the fabric of reality, allowing a whole legion of Khorne's followers to spill out into the material plane. So devastating was the attack on Bengoli and the scale of the invasion, that the Ordo Malleus had no option but to inflict Exterminatus on the doomed planet.
Biegel 9
Catachan Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Catachan System 12,000,000 One of the most infamous Death Worlds in the Imperium, Catachan is home to the renowned Catachan Jungle Fighters regiments of the Imperial Guard.
Ghoroi V
Heym's World
Jucha Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Miral II Segmentum Tempestus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Imperial Fists under Captain Darnath Lysander battle a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan on Miral II. Amid hellish jungles, the sons of Dorn hold their defensive line against all odds, grinding the xenos down over seven days of gruelling war.
Moraz II
Mordriana III
Mullis IV
Nalibraxis II
Nectavus VI
Rhorsch Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown The Mortifactors and the Raven Guard Chapters conduct a joint-campaign on Rhorsch. Working in concert, they begin purging the world's floating temples of the blood-cults that have infested them. In response to this invasion, a vast tide of Daemons floods through the fire-jungles to surround the Space Marines. While the Mortifactors fight a selfless rearguard action, Shadow Captain Rykas leads his warriors into the Grand Temple to slay the High Bloodcaller and bring an end to the heresy for good.
Stalinvast Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Subjected to the predations of a Genestealer cult, the Inquisition subjected the planet to Exterminatus in order to purge the infestation, costing many lives, including Imperial forces.
Typhon Primaris


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