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The Ixaniad Sector is a sector of the Imperium of Man located within a ragged stellar cluster of the Milky Way Galaxy that also includes the Calixis, Scarus and Askellon Sectors of the Segmentum Obscurus.

The Ixaniad Sector is ruled by several minor Highborn dynasties which lead their home planetary systems. These dynasties have battled each other throughout the millennia for dominance over the sector's politics. Fleeing refugees from these conflicts formed the original Meritech Clans in the border regions between the Ixaniad and Calixis Sectors.

Other than its location and a few tidbits of information gained from its interaction with the more well-known sectors that surround it, very little else is currently known about the Ixaniad Sector in Imperial records.


During the Age of Plunder of the Calyx Expanse (Calixis Sector) from the 37th to the 39th Millennia, Rogue Traders frequented that region on the edge of the galaxy, including the future territory of the Ixaniad Sector, and returned with tales of xenos empires, lost human and Imperial worlds, and Warp-worshiping once-men.

The Ixaniad Sector has been home to several conflicts and spillovers from the bordering Calixis Sector, including the Meritech Wars which threatened the stability and safety of the entire sector.

After millennia of lawlessness, the Ixaniad Sector was once again brought into Imperial Compliance in the early days of the Angevin Crusade in the 39th Millennium. The sector was easily pacified before the Crusade moved on to the grinding conflicts that characterised its conquest of the Calixis Sector.

Within the heart of the Ixaniad Sector, the Phaenonite splinter faction of the Inquisition, declared Excommunicate Traitoris, is growing in influence on the region's Imperial planets and the few Forge Worlds that lie in the sector. The Inquisition's Conclave Ixaniad was purged of its Phaenonite influence in 427.M39.

Notable Sub-sectors

  • Ptolemaic Reach
  • Crassan Sub-sector
  • Spinward Region

Notable Worlds


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