Changer of Ways Summoning

Ix'thar'ganix, the Slayer of Destinies

Ix'thar'ganix, the Slayer of Destinies, is a Lord of Change, a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. This daemon lord led forth a daemonic legion against the Imperial world of Omegath. The Master of Fate granted his daemonic servant a prescient vision of a child born upon this world who would grow to eventually become a powerful oracle. Ix'thar'ganix coveted the power of this child and unleashed all his arcane magic to open a Warp rift into realspace to allow the fell powers of Chaos to spill forth into Omegath. Yet for all of his prescience, the Slayer of Destinies did not know the location of the predestined child, and for 20 days his daemonic minions swept forth across the face of Omegath seeking the preordained oracle-to-be. The daemons appeared random in their attacks to the commanders of the defending armies, who were unable to comprehend the true nature of their foe. The soldiers of Omegath's defensive militia fought the daemons when they were able, but were unable to divine an effective plan of attack of their own. After twenty days had passed, the daemons disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared. Ignorant of what had transpired, Ix'thar'ganix had finally found his coveted prize and usurped the boy's powers of foresight. The populace of Omegath were left bloodied and bewildered in the wake of the strange Chaotic incursion.


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