Iron Halo Honour Badge

An Iron Halo

The Iron Halo is a revered part of the Armoury of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes and is also a common Astartes award for valour. The Iron Halo is a halo-shaped ring that is positioned above the head of the wielder, usually mounted on the backpack of Space Marine Power Armour but sometimes mounted in the gorget.

The Iron Halo is a prestigious honour that is granted only to the most exceptional of the Astartes within a Space Marine Chapter as a reward for uncommon initiative and valour. It is most often worn by the Chapter's Captains and Chapter Master, though Veteran Astartes and Sergeants can also earn the right to add it to their armour in certain circumstances.

The Iron Halo appears to share the same basic technological mechanisms as the Space Marine Chaplain's Rosarius, as they both produce a protective effect using gravitic and now poorly-understood Conversion Field technology.

Combat Effect

Iron Halo

An Iron Halo is awarded for exceptional valour, and those who bear one are held in great honour by their Chapter.

The Iron Halo emits a very strong Conversion Field around its wearer, which makes his armour even harder to pierce with enemy ranged and melee weapons. In addition it also provides its user with immense resilience to even the most potent weapons such as Lascannons and missiles of all varieties. The energy shield the Halo generates stands a good chance of deflecting many deadly projectiles that would slay even an unprotected Space Marine with ease.

Notable Wearers of the Iron Halo


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