The Iron Bastion is an Imperial, space-based Deathwatch watch station floating through the void in the heart of the Dark Pattern in the Jericho Reach.

The station is built into a massive planetoid that is part of a small asteroid belt known as the Kyvoll Belt. This fortification has studied the mysteries of the Dark Pattern for centuries and over time has become the main base of operations for the Dead Cabal throughout the Jericho Reach.

The augur arrays and cogitation engines fitted throughout the Iron Bastion are the most powerful anywhere in the Reach. They are capable of studying worlds far and wide in great detail. The Iron Bastion also collates and processes all reports from the Dead Stations in their ongoing analysis of the Dark Pattern.

The Iron Bastion differs from many other watch stations in that it is constantly manned by at least half a dozen individuals at any given time. This roster rotates frequently, as those assigned here venture out to investigate reports of strange happenings throughout the Jericho Reach.


While the Iron Bastion serves as an expanded watch station operated by the Dead Cabal, there is a deeper mission that only select members in the Deathwatch know about. This mission is to guard, study, and analyse an artefact that has mystified many of the Imperium's best minds -- the Jovaall Hedron.

Jovaall Hedron

Discovered on a classified world around the sixth century of the 41st Millennium, the Jovaall Hedron has resisted all attempts to unlock its secrets.

The only knowledge gleaned from the cube shows that a source of incredible power lies within, and that power has not diminished at all in the centuries that the cube has been in the possession of the Deathwatch.

The Hedron is not without danger and some who have investigated it believe it should be destroyed -- if even possible -- or locked away permanently. During an analysis of the Jovaall Hedron, Brother Peregon of the Crimson Fists vanished from a secure chamber while conducting his investigation.

Peregon was a Techmarine of unparalleled skill with a long history of unlocking the secrets of xenos artefacts studied by the Deathwatch. The only record recovered of the incident shows a massive burst of energy and light emanating from the cube before all pict-recorders in the vicinity went offline.

When other members within the Bastion accessed the room, the Jovaall Hedron sat untouched on a worktable. No sign of Battle-Brother Peregon could be found. Since this incident, all further study of the xenos device has been conducted through remote servitors and equipment to safeguard against any further loss of life.

Ongoing Theories

To the scholars of the Deathwatch, there are many possibilities for the nature of the Jovaall Hedron. Some believe it to be the power source to a Necron Tomb World, a Tesseract Labyrinth, or even a miniature Warp Gate.


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