Innana is a T'au Mining World within the Velk'Han Sept of the Jericho Reach.

When the T'au first came to Innana, they were welcomed with open arms by a small Human population that had been dwindling for generations and was rapidly approaching the point at which it would become entirely unsustainable.

The natives' woes were caused by the fact that the soil of their world was poorly suited to any form of agriculture and since the coming of the region's "Age of Shadow" and the severance of trade with the worlds of the old Jericho Sector, they had become increasingly unable to feed themselves.

Soon after Innana's population declared their allegiance to the Greater Good, their newly declared loyalty was put to the test. The T'au discovered vast reserves of highly desirable minerals beneath the surface of Innana, minerals that rendered the soil all but barren, yet could sustain the empire's industry for generations.

The Human population was offered the choice of remaining on their world to serve as labour in the Earth Caste strip-mining facilities that would soon arrive, or to be shipped out to live on other worlds in the Velk'Han Sept.

Every man, woman and child voted to leave their barren world, and although they were subsequently dispersed amongst the stars, none regretted their decision.

Soon after the Human population departed, Earth Caste mining cadres arrived and the process of systematically extracting the world's natural resources began.

Vast refineries equipped with fusion-scourers and held aloft by powerful anti-grav generators roam the surface, following the richest seams of the rarest of minerals.

The planet is now a scarred and blackened wasteland, its resources plundered to fuel the wars of the Greyhell Front and beyond.


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