The Inferno Gun is a large weapon that can be mounted on Warhound, Reaver or Warlord Titans. It is similar in effect to its cousin, the Inferno Cannon, which is used by Hellhound Flame Tanks. The Inferno Gun is most effective against hordes and swarms, where the weapon's superheated promethium fuel tears through the enemy's ranks with devastating effect. An Inferno Gun is also useful against 'elite' troops, such as Space Marines, where even their Power Armour is compromised by the sheer heat produced by the Inferno Gun. Terminator Armour is still partially effective against the Inferno Gun. Unlike a typical flamer weapon, the Inferno Gun ejects superheated, self-igniting promethium in a great arc, so that it crashes down atop the enemy forces. The pressure in the weapon's barrels can be adjusted so that the Inferno Gun can either be fired at very short range, or many metres away. This versatility, as well as its great power, makes the Inferno Gun a great weapon against almost any type of infantry. Even vehicles aren't safe from this type of attack, and lightly armoured chassis will surely melt away when faced with the terrifying power of the Inferno Gun. Such is the gun's power, that even heavily armoured battle tanks, such as the Tau Empire's Hammerhead and the Imperial Guard's Malcador can have their armour compromised. The only drawbacks to the use of this weapon are the gun's comparatively short range, and its inability to seriously damage enemy Titans.


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