An Industrial World is a classification of planet in the Imperium of Man whose surface is devoted wholly to manufacturing or heavy mining and refining activities. These worlds have surprisingly sparse populations in relation to Hive Worlds or Forge Worlds, which also are often heavily dedicated to industrial activities, as most of the labour on true Industrial Worlds is done using machines and other forms of advanced automation.

Those Industrial Worlds whose primary function is mining and refining are usually blessed with an unusually abundant reserve of highly strategic minerals in order to justify the expense of the investments in technology, labour and other resources.

Notable Industrial Worlds

Planet Name Segmentum Sector Sub-Sector System Population
Endymion Prime Segmentum Ultima Endymion Cluster Unknown Endymion System Approx. 1,100,000,000
Gardinaal Segmentum Ultima Eastern Fringe (Near the Dominion of Storms) Unknown Gardinaal System Unknown
Kallista Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nomanus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Turtolsky Segmentum Obscurus Unknown Unknown Vostroya System Unknown, in the tens of millions
Vostroya Segmentum Obscurus Unknown Unknown Vostroya System Approx. 9,300,000,000
Vrantis III Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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