"Not many can say they've faced down a Genestealer. Most that have get killed by a different one seconds later. But I can. I've done it more than once. There's something worse about these ones though, the ones that look part-human. They hate you almost as much as you hate them. It's not just animal instinct. You can see it in their eyes, even as they’re bleeding out with your bayonet in their throat, their claws still reaching out to slash you up. I pray to the Emperor that I get to kill more. Only extinction's good enough for them."

— Veteran Guardsman Garadux, Indigan Praefects 47th "Lictor Killers," Defence of the Volushun Shipyard

Veteran Guardsman Garadux, Indigan 47th, "Lictor Killers", wearing his regiment's specialised Carapace Armour.

The Indigan Praefects are a Militarum Regimentum of the Astra Militarum who specialise in combating large alien beasts, particularly Tyranids.

On the former menagerie world of Indiga that is their home planet, the Praefects have the unenviable task of protecting the planet's natives from the megafauna that prowl their verdant realm.

The giant predators had once been the pride and joy of the pompous Planetary Governor, Constantine Principa Argoy, who spent the planet's copious mineral wealth on the purchase of breeding pairs of every dangerous creature he could acquire from planets across the Segmentum.

Unfortunately, after a catastrophic earthquake shattered the governor's zoos, the giant animals escaped into the wilds to breed and hybridise.

The Indigan Praefects have become experts at slaying large and dangerous beasts, and their reputation is such they have been requested as reinforcements in multiple Imperial war zones assailed by Tyranids. Where these requests have been honoured, the Praefects set about eradicating the xenos fiends with practised efficiency.

Veterans who have faced the Tyranid swarms help to drill new recruits, instructing them on how to bring down a Carnifex using Lascannon fire and how to bait Mawlocs with tightly-packed infantry formations.

Notable Indigan Praefects Regiments

  • Indigan 47th Regiment, "Lictor Killers" - The Indigan 47th has become so skilled at slaying the Tyranid monstrosities known as Lictors that it has taken the nickname "Lictor Killers" for its own.


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