BA Contemptor-Incaendius Dred 02

The details of a Contemptor-Incaendius class Dreadnought chassis, including the Incaendius Booster Pack mounted upon its back.

The Incaendius Booster Pack was a Dreadnought-sized external Jump Pack designed for use with the Contemptor-Incaendius Dreadnought. It was the Incaendius Booster Pack that gave the Contemptor-Incaendius its ability to deploy from low orbit or make a one-off leap right into the heart of the enemy's ranks.

This volatile, single-burn magneto-plasma engine was powerful enough to decelerate the Dreadnought in a fall from low orbit or to propel it in a shallow leap at significant velocity despite the bulk of its armour and ceramite endoskeleton.


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