An Imperial Strongpoint combining 2 Aegis Defence Lines, 2 Imperial Bastions, an Imperial Monument and a Skyshield Landing Pad defended by the forces of the Astra Militarum.

An Imperial Strongpoint is a military fortification of the Imperium of Man that combines several different types of Imperial fortifications to produce a potent, static defensive position. A single Imperial Bastion is an imposing monolith of reinforced ferrocrete and ceramite plating, an edifice built to withstand sustained artillery barrages and shrug off all but the most powerful of siege weapons. An Imperial Strongpoint consists of not just one, but several such fortifications protected by an outer perimeter of Aegis Defence Lines.

The fortifications' already formidable firepower is typically bolstered by an array of Icarus Pattern anti-air weapons to guard against enemy air threats, as effective at knocking aircraft out of the skies as the bastions' Heavy Bolters are at cutting down infantry on the ground. When fully manned, an Imperial Strongpoint and its garrison have enough firepower to stop an opposing army dead in its tracks and there is no foe that can overcome its defences with a frontal assault without suffering horrendous losses.

Unit Composition

An Imperial Strongpoint is usually composed of the following components. Please see each individual entry for more about that component's exact tactical capabilities and weapon load-outs.


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