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The Imperial Regent, sometimes also called the Regent of Terra or the Lord Regent, is a title of high nobility that has been used for a powerful official of the Imperium of Man several times throughout the Age of the Imperium.

The bearer of this title is extremely powerful, said to be second only to the Emperor of Mankind Himself in authority across the galaxy. The Imperial Regent is held to speak with the voice of the Emperor in anything they command.

The title's functional authority has sometimes overlapped with that of the similar post of the Lord Commander of the Imperium. But the latter was more of a martial position intended to take supreme command of the Imperial military, while the Imperial Regent was expected to focus more on civil administrative tasks.

The title of Imperial Regent was one of the few positions that also warranted its holder receiving protection by the Adeptus Custodes due to their importance to the Imperium and humanity. The position was first created for Malcador the Sigillite during the Great Crusade when the Emperor retreated after the Triumph of Ullanor to the Imperial Palace on Terra. Determined to set in motion His Webway Project which would mark the next stage of His plan to begin a new human golden age, the Emperor did not want to waste any of His time on matters of state.

Notable Imperial Regents


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