An Impaler Daemon Weapon

The Impaler is a large, daemonically-possessed, barbed-harpoon weapon that is used by the Blood Slaughterer Impaler variant of the Blood Slaughterer Daemon Engine. The Impaler is a ranged Daemon Weapon and is fired at enemy targets at range, usually against enemy infantry and light vehicles that are attacking at a distance. The weapon is then used to pull the target closer to the Blood Slaughterer Impaler, so that it may finish it off with its Power Cleaver close combat weapon.

The Impaler's barbed harpoon is retracted back into the weapon via a long, black iron chain. The weapon is only capable of pulling targets that are equal in size and weight or smaller than the Blood Slaughterer Impaler itself, so it cannot move objects like most structures, super-heavy vehicles like the Baneblade, and monstrous creatures such as Tyranid Bio-Titans.

The Impaler has been recorded pulling vehicles up to the size of a Dreadnought, and may be capable of pulling some larger targets as the Blood Slaughterer itself is slightly larger than a Dreadnought. The weapon is also incapable of pulling targets through difficult terrain and spaces that are too small for it to fit. If the target cannot be pulled any further, the barb will pull itself free of the target and retract. The act of pulling the barb free of whatever it is impaled on causes a great deal of damage to the target.


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