Lord Illmahnokh, grand vizier of the Suhbekhar Dynasty.

Illmahnokh is a Necron Overlord and the grand vizier of the Necron Suhbekhar Dynasty.

Though Lord Illmahnokh bears the title "grand vizier," he is at present a minister without portfolio. This is true of many of the senior members of the dynasty, for the labyrinthine webs of power in place when they entered the Great Sleep were shown to be far less stable upon their awakening.

Necron dynasties display a bewildering range of political structures, all of them rigid and hierarchical with no two exactly alike. Beneath the phaeron, there is generally a phaeron's court, made up of a number of highly ranked overlords, each with his own courts below him in turn.

The Royal Court of the Suhbekhar Dynasty is somewhat unusual in that its ruling court is formed up about the overlord-regent, but otherwise it is broadly typical of the convoluted ruling structures the ancient Necrontyr established and which have remained largely intact since before the War in Heaven.

Beneath Overlord-Regent Ahhotekh is a Royal Court of half a dozen overlords, ostensibly devoted to ruling in the name of their slumbering phaeron, Ahmontekh, the "Crimson Scythe."

In practice, the court serves Ahhotekh, who desires only to inherit the mantle of phaeron of the Suhbekhar Dynasty. Lord Illmahnokh is the most influential of the overlord-regent's royal court, and in many ways typical of the individuals that comprise it.


Lord Illmahnokh was once the most senior of Phaeron Ahmontekh's counsellors, and was, prior to bio-transference, tied to his master by bonds of blood as well as fealty. Yet, he was not so closely related as Ahhotekh, and so he was passed over by the crownworld's command program when the need to select a regent for the dynasty came about.

Ahhotekh was cautious in the manner he awakened the individuals that would form his royal court, revivificating each in turn and being sure to secure their loyalty and support before awakening the next.

Lord Illmahnokh was greatly disturbed to learn of his phaeron's fate, for he knew it placed himself in potential peril, and so he swore fealty to his new master as a matter of necessity.

Though he went down upon one knee at the base of Ahhotekh's usurped throne and swore service to the overlord-regent, the words were as ashes in his mouth, cold ambition burning yet in his living metal heart.

Lord Illmahnokh's role within the Hollow Sun is to serve as its chief administrator, a responsibility that, in theory at least, extends beyond the crownworld and places him above the individual rulers of the numerous lesser Suhbekhar Tomb Worlds scattered throughout the outer Jericho Reach and beyond.

This position should place Lord Illmahnokh in a role of great power, for it should be through him that the overlord-regent's will is disseminated throughout the dynasty's holdings.

The problem is the exact state and even location of many of those holdings are locked away within the blasted mind of the slumbering phaeron, and so Lord Illmahnokh has very little in the way of real power. He is in effect a chief administrator with precious little to administer, and a chief advisor to a master who has no desire to hear his advice.

Sidelined by the ascension of the overlord-regent, Illmahnokh's only hope of gaining real power lies in Ahhotekh overreaching his capabilities before the phaeron's command protocols are extracted from his mind.

Should the regent gain the codes that control the loyalties of all of his underlings, then his ascent will be complete and Illmahnokh will be utterly unable to oppose him, his hand quite literally stayed. It is therefore in the grand vizier's interest to see the dynasty's crypteks' efforts to extract the command codes stymied, and in this he has had some success.

But Illmahnokh is not content to constrict his efforts to the political, and he has ensured that, as is his prerogative given his senior rank, he takes what opportunities as present themselves to lead the undying legions of Suhbekhar in battle.

The grand vizier's secret intent in doing so is to uncover those Tomb Worlds yet unknown to the Hollow Sun, and to ensure that any Necrons interred within awaken to receive his commands and not those of the overlord-regent.

Thus, Lord Illmahnokh is gradually building his own web of fealty and servitude and mustering his own legions, though to what end even he has yet to determine.

Deathwatch Intelligence

Of all of the overlords of the Royal Court of the Suhbekhar Dynasty, it is the Grand Vizier Lord Illmahnokh that the Deathwatch has the most solid intelligence on.

Due to his secret missions to locate and awaken the lost Tomb Worlds of the outer Jericho Reach, Illmahnokh is the most active of the dynasty's lords and he has been encountered on Dead Worlds across the entire region.

Invariably, Illmahnokh is accompanied by a small retinue of Lychguard whose cortical engrams are closely synchronised with his own, making them the most devoted allies possible in his secret endeavours.

With his silent guards at his side, Illmahnokh has entered crypts and stalked through ruins no mortal has witnessed since the War in Heaven, and in some he has called forth the slumbering ancients.

Deathwatch Kill-teams investigating newly discovered xenos ruins are well advised to be alert for his presence, for he will likely track them to that which he seeks, and he may very well awaken the slumbering Necron legions and bring them down upon the intruders' heads.


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