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Farseer Idranel of Craftworld Ulthwé

Idranel was a Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé and the leader of the Aeldari forces sent to Meridian in the hopes of stopping an impending Tyranid invasion that would eventually consume Ulthwé as well during the First Aurelian Crusade.

She was slain in combat with the Blood Ravens Chapter of Space Marines, whose Astartes were also present on Meridian at this time.


Not much is known of Idranel, other than that she was first seen in action on Meridian, where she led the Aeldari against the Astra Militarum forces defending that Hive World, destabilising the planet's defences and infrastructure in preparation for the impending Tyranid assault foreseen by the Farseers of Ulthwé.

In order to combat this overwhelming threat, Idranel made plans to divert the splinter hive fleet's attention by striking at the worlds within the Aurelian Sub-sector and seeding the rise of Ork hordes upon them.

She was encountered by the forces of the Blood Ravens Chapter asked by the liaison to the Meridian Planetary Governor, Elena Derosa, to aid in maintaining the planet's defences. Idranel escaped her first encounter with the Space Marines at the Hab Spire Legis on Meridian, swearing that the Hive World would soon be reduced to ash and cinders.

Farseer Idranel on Meridian armed with a Witchblade.

She later appeared again where it was revealed she planned to lure the entire splinter hive fleet to Meridian using the world's Human population as bait. Once the Tyranids arrived, the Farseer planned to destroy the planet to eliminate the Tyranid threat to her own craftworld that was in the Tyranids' path once they were finished consuming all of Meridian's biomass.

Powerful psychic shields hid her involvement until she was sighted on Meridian where she was protected by her contingent of Warlock guards. Ultimately, she was beaten off and though she sustained some wounds, she did manage to escape from a battle with the Blood Ravens Force Commander Aramus.

Later, she broke through the gates of the hive city of Angel Forge in an attempt to overload a Plasma Generator there with the intention of destroying the planet in order to stop the approaching Tyranid hordes.

Idranel was ultimately slain by Sergeant Tarkus after his acquisition of a suit of Terminator Armour from Meridian Governor Vandis' storehouse, which contained stolen relics from the Blood Ravens Chapter. With Idranel's death, it was believed that all Aeldari activity on the planet would cease.