Chaos Idolator-class Raider

The Chaos Idolator-class Raider is an enigma that has continually befuddled Imperial intelligence. What little is known of the whereabouts of this Escort's construction comes in the form of rumours, with the most prominent one being that it may have been built at Xana II, a Chaos-corrupted Forge World near the Eye of Terror.

What is known is that the Idolator includes xenos technology that was most likely bought -- or stolen -- from other starfaring races like the Kroot mercenaries or Fra'al raiders, although the exact source remains unknown. The warship resulting from the blend of this technology with that of the Imperium is quite similar to the Imperium's Firestorm-class Frigate, armed with a weapons battery turret and a forward Lance battery. However, the Idolator proves to be superior to its Imperial Navy counterpart, as it is significantly faster than the Firestorm and its weapons battery is both more accurate and possesses a longer range due to an improved targeting system that the Adeptus Mechanicus cannot reliably replicate.

All of this combines to make the Idolator an excellent commerce-raiding weapon, able to fight its way through an Escort screen and tear into a convoy of transports at long range. Idolators have been a constant menace to Imperial shipping around the Eye of Terror, and it is not uncommon for a handful of the vessels to slip through the Cadian Gate to wreak havoc before escaping back into the void of deep space.

Notable Idolator-class Raider Squadrons

  • Retaliators Squadron - The Retaliators fought and earned renown in the Gothic War.
  • Purgators Squadron - The Purgators fought and earned renown in the Gothic War.
  • Unclean Ravagers Squadron - The Unclean Ravagers fought and earned renown in the Gothic War.
  • Khorne's Disciples Squadron - The Khorne's Disciples fought and earned renown in the Gothic War.


  • Hull: Raider
  • Class: Idolator-class Raider
  • Dimensions: Approximately 1.5 kilometres long, 0.5 kilometres abeam at the fins.
  • Mass: Approximately 5.7 megatonnes.
  • Crew: Approximately 15,000 crew.
  • Acceleration: 7.6 gravities maximum acceleration.

Notable Idolator-class Raiders

  • Dark Lancer - Dark Lancer is an Idolator-class raider in the service of the Chaos Lord Karrad Vall, captained by Faydra Nadeyse. She is currently on a shakedown cruise after a lengthy stay in dry dock following an ill-considered attack on one of Aspyce Chorda's convoys left her crippled. Completed too late to ship with Vall's fleet on whatever errand that necessitated its recent departure, Lancer is patrolling the approaches to the planet Iniquity until her fleet returns.


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