An Icarus Stormcannon mounted upon a Stormhawk Interceptor of the Ultramarines Chapter

The Icarus Stormcannon is a triple-barrelled Autocannon that screams as it spins at incredible speeds, spewing forth a stream of solid rounds. These effective and unsubtle ballistic cannons make excellent dogfighting weapons and can fill the sky with a rain of shot that even the most skilled of pilots have trouble avoiding. The Icarus Stormcannon is also used as an anti-air defense weapon, in the form of the Icarus Stormcannon Array used by the Stalker anti-air tank. This weapon system consists of two Icarus Stormcannons slave-linked to a servo-mind conclave (Cogitator array), and is capable of targeting multiple targets simultaneously. When faced by more potent foes, the array can concentrate fire in a single, withering salvo that will tear even the mightiest winged beast or enemy aircraft from the skies.



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