A set of twin-linked Icarus Autocannons

The Icarus Autocannon is an Autocannon used primarily by the combat walkers of the Questor Imperialis, the Imperial Knights, and by the Renegade Knights of the Questor Traitoris. The Icarus Autocannon is mounted to the Knight's chassis, on the uppermost part of its carapace. The weapon is linked directly to the Throne Mechanicum and its targeting is aided by a servo-mind conclave. With but a thought from the Knight's pilot, the weapon can quickly pivot and track incoming enemy flyers at impossibly fast speeds to let loose a stream of deadly fire. The shells from the Icarus Autocannon can scythe off enemy aircraft wings and rip aircraft from the skies, turning them into flaming wreckage. The Icarus Autocannon is also capable of firing upon ground targets, tearing infantry to shreds and ripping through light armour.


Due to the sheer diversity of Knight Worlds and Forge Worlds in the Imperium, there exist a multitude of minor variants of the Icarus Autocannon. All known variants of the Icarus Autocannon include:

  • Twin-linked Icarus Autocannon - The standard variant of the Icarus Autocannon, this version features two of the weapons linked to fire together.
  • Single Icarus Autocannon - This uncommon variant of the Icarus Autocannon features only a single cannon and lacks the firepower of the twin-linked version.
  • Quad Icarus Autocannon - This rare variant of the Icarus Autocannon features four cannons all linked together and thus allows an increased rate-of-fire compared to the twin-linked version.


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