Ian Watson (born 1943) is a British science fiction author. He currently lives in Northampton, England. His first novel, The Embedding, won the Prix Apollo in 1975, unusual for being based on ideas from generative grammar; the title refers to the process of center embedding. A prolific writer, he has also written the novels Miracle Visitors, God's World, The Jonah Kit and The Flies of Memory and many collections of short stories. Watson also worked on the storyline to the motion picture A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. In 1980, Watson and Michael Bishop wrote the first transatlantic SF novel collaboration, Under Heaven's Bridge, using typewriters and the postal service.

He has also written a series of novels tying in to the Warhammer 40,000 line of games: Space Marine, and the Inquisition War trilogy of Inquisitor, Chaos Child and Harlequin (republished in 2002 by The Black Library, with Inquisitor retitled Draco).



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  1. French language version of The Woman Factory, which has never been published in English. It was also published as Orgasmachine in Japanese in 2001.
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