A Hyperios Missile Launcher, used for anti-air defence by the Adeptus Astartes


A Whirlwind Hyperios of the Dark Angels Chapter firing upon an enemy aircraft

The Hyperios Missile Launcher is a specialised, anti-aircraft missile launcher usually mounted on the Adeptus Astartes' Whirlwind Hyperios, the Space Marines' most potent anti-air weapon. It is capable of firing up to twenty Hyperios surface-to-air missiles at fast, low-flying targets, making it ideal for defence against aircraft attempting strafing runs on Astartes ground forces. The Hyperios Missile Launcher carries up to forty Hyperios Missiles that can be used to bring down enemy aircraft with ease.

The Whirlwind Hyperios is most commonly deployed by Space Marine forces when their various gunships are not available to provide close air support and when they need some form of local air defence. The Whirlwind Hyperios' missiles are able to target enemy ground targets during emergencies, and although they are not effective against heavy armour, they can still cause heavy damage to enemy light and medium vehicles.

These automated platforms are dropped in by Thunderhawk Transporters, activated by the Chapter's Techmarines, and can be monitored via the Chapter's various command vehicles.

The Hyperios Anti-Aircraft Missile functions similarly to a Hunter-Killer Missile. Tracking equipment within the missile locks onto a target, which feeds information to a logis-engine. Once fired, the logis-engine manipulates the missile's fins in order match the target's movements, avoid obstacles, and destroy it.

Most of the missile's mass is taken up by the fuel needed to intercept fast-moving targets like attacking aircraft, allowing it to fly short distances at high velocity. The Hyperios Missile does not contain enough fuel to reach high-altitude targets, which are better suited to be struck down by the missiles used by the Manticore Platform.

As noted, due to the versatility of its tracking sensors and software, the Hyperios Missile Launcher can also be used to fire effectively on ground targets, although this is often a choice of last resort for a Space Marine commander.


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