Tau with kroot

A Tau Hunter Cadre during a battle

A Hunter Cadre is the Tau terminology used to indicate what the Imperium of Man would call a company of soldiers. The Tau were once a species of hunters and gatherers and the Tau who now make up what is the Tau Empire's Fire Caste were the most-skilled hunters of that ancient time. Even though the Tau are now a xenos species gifted in some areas with technology that is more advanced than that available to Mankind, the Tau Lexicon still makes use of much terminology derived from their hunter-gatherer period and companies of Tau warriors are always referred to as Hunter Cadres in the Low Gothic translation.

Hunter Cadres pursue two basic strategies that characterise all Tau warfare -- the Mont'ka and the Kauyon. Each strategy is taught at the Fire Caste academies on every major Tau Sept world. Both strategies are derived from the ancient Fire Caste's role as the greatest hunters of the neolithic Tau species. The Kauyon strategy seeks to bring the prey to the hunter, while the Mont'ka requires the hunter to run his prey to ground and finish it off directly. When a Tau Commander employs one strategy or the other he will build a Hunter Cadre that contains the most appropriate tactical components.

Hunter Cadre Composition


Sample Hunter Cadre Order of Battle

A Tau Hunter Cadres normally consist of six Fire Warrior Teams and several Battlesuit and Stealthsuit Teams. They also are always led by a Tau Commander who has achieved the rank of Shas'el or Shas'o, and normally are supported by Tau armour, including gunships like the Hammerhead and Sky Ray. Auxiliaries such as Kroot and Vespid troops are often attached to a Hunter Cadre, but can be detached by higher command to deal with missions for which they are especially suited. There also exists many more specialised types of Hunter Cadres, such as infiltration or reconnaissance cadres that consist primarily of Pathfinder and Fire Warriors in Stealthsuits, or heavy armour cadres, which make use of Devilfish-mounted Fire Warrior Squads as well as full squadrons of Hammerheads and Sky Rays.


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