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Hunter-class Destroyer

A Hunter-class Destroyer of the Ultramarines Chapter

The Hunter-class Destroyer, although based on a design long available to almost all Space Marine Chapters, was pioneered as a fleet escort vessel primarily by the Dark Angels.

Their deep distrust of other factions within the Imperial hierarchy made acquisition of vessels from orbital shipyards and Forge Worlds far more problematic than for most other Chapters.

As such, the Dark Angels chose the Hunter-class Destroyer as the most viable counterpart to the Imperial Navy's Cobra-class Destroyer and maintain large flotillas of the vessel in all their battlefleets.

Notable Hunter-Class Destroyers[]

  • Hera's Wrath - The Hera's Wrath was a Hunter-class Destroyer of the Ultramarines Chapter fleet. During the Invasion of Ultramar led by Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou in 854.999.M41, it was destroyed in combat with the Bloodborn fleet over Talassar.
  • Xenophon - The Xenophon was a Hunter-class Destroyer that served in the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter fleet shortly before the destruction of their homeworld of Sotha by the Tyranids' Hive Fleet Kraken in 992.M41. Captained by Shipmaster Kaeron, when Chapter Master Thorcyra ordered the general recall in the face of Hive Fleet Kraken, the Xenophon was engaged in the liberation of Egottha, but raced to answer the recall at the behest of Reclusiarch Hornindal. After the sudden and unexplained death of its Navigator, the Xenophon dropped out of the Warp and into a vanguard Tyranid fleet. In spite of the crew's best efforts to warn Sotha of the danger, the ship was destroyed after being boarded by Tyranid biomorphs carried in Ramsmiters which pierced the hull in several places.

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