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Hunter-Killer Missiles intended for use by a Vulture gunship.

A Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher is a common vehicle upgrade weapon for all of the armed forces of the Imperium of Man, including the Space Marines, the Imperial Guard and those forces in service to the Inquisition. It is usually mounted onto the turret or top of main battle tanks and other armoured vehicles.

The launcher can only hold one missile but can be restocked after the battle is over. The missile itself is technically a large Krak Missile with added range but the main difference is the that a Hunter-Killer Missile has an onboard Cogitator known as a Logis-Engine.

It uses sensors located in its nose cap to guide itself towards the target, first following the target while avoiding obstacles, and then exploding on impact.

There are several different variants of the Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher in existence; including the Mark X Deliverance, the Mark VIII Avenger, and the Mark IX Voss Patterns.


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