The Hunt for Kharfra the Antipath was a military campaign conducted by the Imperium in 330.M39, to hunt down the traitorous Cardinal Kharfra and his coven of Chaos Cultists. After the failed assassination attempt on the life of the Ecclesiarch Nyber Vasille revealed the corruption of Cardinal Kharfra, the false priest and his hitherto secret Chaos Cult fled before Imperial justice, sowing destruction across the Segmentum Solar in their wake.

Declared Traitoris Extremis from every pulpit the word of the holy Adeptus Ministorum could reach, the Imperium-wide hunt for the Antipath and his followers was to last for decades, but it would be the Mantis Warriors Space Marine Chapter who would eventually find the damned Kharfra. Intelligence ripped from the souls of Renegade corsairs by the Chapter's Librarians gave the first hints that this Arch-enemy of Mankind had found refuge amongst the Chaos-worshipping renegades of the Golgothan Wastes.

This discovery sparked a five year manhunt by the Chapter that led eventually to the discovery of a secret stronghold in the pre-Imperial ruins on the Death World of Parasis. Infiltrating the noisome fungal rainforests that surrounded the stronghold, the Mantis Warriors attacked without warning, taking on a force of mutants and heretics five times their number in a deadly night assault. In a matter of only hours, the stronghold was taken.

Though it was littered with the corpses of its defenders, the Mantis Warriors located their quarry. Kharfra, now a rolling mass of blistered flesh twisted by the fickle powers of those he served, was scorched from his refuge in the reeking sewers below the fortress, still snarling overweening arrogance and hubris. The prisoner was taken in chains by the Mantis Warriors to the Inquisition watch-hold on Valsingam for final examination and judgement, garnering the Chapter high accolades from the Ecclesiarchy.


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