Knight Gallant Guilded Conqueror

House Vulker Colour Scheme

House Vulker is a Loyalist Imperial Knight House aligned with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Despite being one of the greater houses amongst those aligned to the Adeptus Mechanicus, House Vulker is reckoned especially reclusive and mysterious. Their home world is Aurous IV, a mineral-rich planet nestled in a crowded star system. It was to exploit the planets of this system, and surrounding asteroid belts, that the Forge World Bellus Prime was established nearby. The bonds between Aurous IV and Bellus Prime remain tight, with the same golden-plated servitor creatures working upon both worlds. The courts of House Vulker are singular places, full of Tech-Priests and servitors that speak in coded machine language and number sequences. They enact mechanical ceremonies that are, for the uninitiated, disturbing to look upon, their meanings unclear and vaguely sinister. The Nobles of House Vulker hide every inch of their flesh with robes, sometimes even wearing masks of gold. Outsiders are not welcome within their steel-clad fortresses. When called to war, the Knights of House Vulker leave behind their curious trappings, striding out to do battle with all the surety of their peers. They place a premium upon firepower and well-coordinated plans for both attack and defence. It was they who first developed the Tripartite Lance, a formation later adopted by all other houses.

Notable House Raven Knights

Notable House Vulker Personnel

  • Baron Vroth - Pilot of the Knight Gallant, Guilded Conqueror. Vroth is the current Master of Vox, sometimes known as Broadhailer, bears the internal comms equipment that can network together all the fighting detachments of House Vulker's Knights as well as broadcast vox hails to distant allies. In many Exalted Courts the Master of Vox commands a rearguard position, focussing upon communications and lending supporting fire. Not so for Baron Vroth. In typical Knight Gallant fashion, Baron Vroth wades into the thickest of the fighting, crushing all before him. His Knight, the Gilded Conqueror, is one of House Vulker's eldest and most richly decorated suits. Only the most ancient of machines bear gilded armour burnished to a sheen, and the Gilded Conqueror sports a full helm-plate made of precious metal.
  • Baron Golphytes - Pilot of the Knight Errant, Strident, Golphytes is the Master of Lore, the keeper of sacred data, the Cogitator Prime.
  • Sir Luxious - Pilot of the Knight Warden, Unalloyed Victory.

House Appearance

House Colours

Like many Mechanicus-aligned knightly houses, House Vulker bears deep red which honours the ancient world of Mars and their formal alliance with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Often, the display of bare adamantium armour plates on a Knight suit is considered a deeply significant tribute by House Vulker. The stripes on a Knight's carapace mark the rank of the suit's pilot, while the tilting plate on the chest denotes their rank within the Preceptor's Exalted Court. The eldest Knight suits are richly decorated with precious metals. Only the most ancient of machines bear gilded armour burnished to a sheen.

House Arms

The gilded House Vulker crest proclaims their wealth. Beyond the central diadem with the cog-skull motif, none of the mysterious symbols are decipherable to any outside the learned, yet secretive servants of the Cult Mechanicus.


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