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* ''Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War'' 3 (PC Game)
*''[[Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 3]]'' (PC Game)
*[ ''Dawn of War 3 - Spotlight: Imperial Knight Solaria'']

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House Drakkus is a Knight House loyal to the Imperium of Man, hailing from the planet Cyprus Ultra. There is little further information on this house in imperial records.

House History

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House Varlock was presumably founded during the Dark Age of Technology, like other Knight Houses.In the latter days of M41, the world of Cyprus Ultra came under attack by the vile Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter and his orcs. Though Imperial units waited in orbit, inquisitor Holt forbade any deployment. Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens ignored this order however, and deployed from the battle barge Dauntless to assist the troops of House Varlock in battle.

Notable Campaigns

  • Defence of Cyprus Ultra(Unknown Date, M41) - House Varlock, with help of the Blood Ravens, defended thir homeworld against an ork invasion.

Notable Knights

  • Drakaina - The personal Knight Crusader of Lady Solaria, head of House Varlock

Notable Personnel

  • Lady Solaria - the Head of House Varlock fought alongside the Blood Ravens in the defense of Cyprus Ultra.

House Appearance

House Colours

The colours of House Varlock are blue and white with golden trim.

House Arms

House Varlock's crest is a golden sea-serpent head on a circular field of blue, framed by a ring of gold, a ring of white and another ring of gold.


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