"Though we stand tall within our Knights, we are not above the laws of men. Let every tyrant tremble in my sight should he think himself immune. As long as I draw breath the guilty will be punished, be they xenos invader, cursed traitor or highborn criminal."

— The Freeblade Dyros, speaking to the surviving kin of House Kamata
Knight Paladin Sketch

A Knight Paladin

House Kamata is a Loyalist Imperial Knight House of the Imperium. There is very little information in Imperial records about this Knight House, other than their valiant stand on their homeworld of Alaric Prime against the invasion of Ork Warlord Grukk and his Red WAAAGH! in 998.M41.

House History

Notable Campaigns

  • Defence of Alaric Prime (443.998.M41) - In 998.M41, Warlord Grukk of the Red WAAAGH! ploughs into the densely populated Sanctus Reach, his crusade's juggernaut momentum smashing past the Space Marine homeworld of Obstiria to plunder the planets beyond. The Imperium prepares to make a stand upon Alaric Prime, a Feudal World of linked archipelagos and crumbling gaols. When a flotilla of Ork rust-ships make planetfall, the knightly houses of Alaric lead their Cadian allies in a worldwide counterattack. Warlord Grukk's bullish tactics take a heavy toll on the human defenders before the legendary Freeblade known as Gerantius, the Forgotten Knight, joins the conflict, tipping the war into a new phase of desperate battle.

Notable Knights

  • Blade of Redemption - Knight Errant of Dyros Kamata, who is now known as the Freeblade Dyros, the Scorched Knight.

Notable Personnel

  • Hyram Kamata - Current High King of House Kamata.
  • Dyros Kamata - Second son of Hyram Kamata, Dyros was raised to bring favour to his house, one of Alaric Prime’s chosen elite. When his older brother died, leaving Dyros the honour of taking over his Knight, the young man was only strengthened in his resolve to fulfil his duty. However, during the Ritual of Becoming he heard the whispers of his deceased brother from the Throne Mechanicum. In doing so he learned the truth of his brother’s death at the hands of his father, and the deep lies and treachery which lurked in the heart of his house. Dyros immediately severed his ties to House Kamata, vowing to accept exile rather than fight beside his father, and became a Freeblade known only as the Blade of Redemption. With the arrival of Grukk and the Red Waaagh!, Dyros has returned from the far reaches of Alaric to fight for his world alongside the Knights of Houses Kestren and Degallio.

House Appearance

House Colours

The colours of House Kamata are not listed in current Imperial records.

House Arms

The arms of House Kamata are not listed in current Imperial records.


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