The Horizon's Pride is an unknown class of Imperial light crusier captained by the Rogue Trader Diaz Lan.

Over the Terran centuries, the Lan Dynasty covered the Horizon's many battle-scars with copper laurels. The burnished leaves now virtually encrust the glimmering ship; the metal garden testifies to the warship's endurance.

The Horizon's interior is equally elaborate, although its ornamentation has not fared as well in the weathering effects of a shipboard atmosphere recycled for many standard centuries.

The Lan family crest -- a rapier and a broken quill -- features prominently in the engravings. The crew wear uniforms strongly reminiscent of the Imperial Navy, and move with an uncanny symmetry that can almost be explained by long hours of formation drilling.

The grand scale of the vaulted corridors and ceilings easily accommodate armoured Space Marines, each of whom Lan offers a lavishly appointed stateroom for the duration of their journey, should they travel aboard his ship.

In truth, this is mostly because the Horizon's barracks are all occupied by Lan's crew, and that while more grandiose accommodations are available, the only remaining quarters are cells in the brig.

Notable Locations

The Horizon's Pride is a massive vessel with a crew numbering in the tens of thousands.


When hosting members of the Adeptus Astartes, each battle-brother is offered a stateroom befitting the Imperial dignitaries and high-ranking military personnel the ship often transports.

More gleaming copper laurels trim the rooms of the decadent suites, and each one is carpeted with unique and exotic weaves.

Most of the furniture is too dainty for a Space Marine, but the ostentatiously large canopy beds can accommodate even the mass of a battle-brother if he chooses to sink into the thick velvet covers.

Command Bridge

The Command Bridge is without a doubt the most elaborately bedecked vista on the Horizon's Pride. Sturdy glass panels depicting stellar bodies alternate with ancient cogitators and sensorium reporters.

Every luminator is held aloft by a lifelike statue, and the eye can travel no more than a few centimetres without encountering some surface inlaid with precious stone or metal. The command throne sits recessed in the rear wall with an arch of cherubs carved above it.

Lan's Study

The Rogue Trader's study is mercifully free of excess decoration. Its panels of strange amber wood emit a soft glow that bathes the room. Across from his desk is the room's centrepiece: a bas relief in marbled metal depicting a swirl of geometric shapes.

Adjoining the study is his library, full of rare tomes towering to the ceiling and even rarer alien artefacts in glass cases.

The items on display in the library are harmless, the type of novelties tolerated in the hands of those who can afford them: a Jokaero digital laser, a wraithbone pendant, an Ork tooth, and other similar trophies.

The Brig

If any guest battle-brothers opt for more austere accommodations, Diaz Lan makes available several unlocked cells in the prison block.

These tiny, unadorned rooms are not dissimilar from the personal quarters of Deathwatch Astartes on Watch Fortress Erioch.

However, while their cells are solid and private, there are less comfortable holdings deeper in the brig. There, greasy runoff from the engine rooms above drips through stacked cages where less illustrious prisoners languish.

Notable Personnel


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