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A Holo-Field is an integral part of the defensive military technology employed by the starships and vehicles of the Craftworld Aeldari. Unlike the Imperium of Man, which makes use of Warp-powered energy deflectors known as Void Shields to protect its warships and large vehicles like Titans, the Aeldari have chosen to maximise their advantages in speed, stealth and deception when protecting their vehicles and warships.

The Aeldari integrate Holo-field emitters into the structure of every one of their vehicles and starships. A Holo-field is a three-dimensional photonic projection created by a computer-controlled network of special laser projectors that create a field of visual distortion around a vehicle or starship.

This distortion makes it extremely difficult to target the vehicle or vessel so protected either by using computer-assisted targeting or by eye, since the projection distorts both electronic and physical perception of the actual location of the object generating the Holo-field.

Holo-fields are used by the Aeldari at all levels, from the individual Dathedi suits worn by Harlequins, to the shimmering holo-fields of the Shadow Spectres Aspect Warriors, to the massive Holo-field emitters protecting their largest starships and ground-based fortifications.

Unlike the Imperium's defensive Void Shield technology, a Holo-field is not a true protective force field and only serves to confound targetting sensors. This means that Aeldari personnel and war machines are still vulnerable to fortunate stray shots.

While Holo-fields are extremely effective when combined with the hit-and-run tactics favoured by the Aeldari, they are much less so in any protacted engagement. This is because a cunning opponent will quickly resort to barraging the general area of the Aeldari force with artillery and saturating the zone with weapons fire so as to make sure that at least some of the shots strike their elusive targets.


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