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Hoec is one of the gods of the Aeldari, and a member of the Aeldari pantheon, though his role within it is unknown. Little is known of Hoec in the fragments of Aeldari Mythology available to the savants of the Imperium of Man, save that he is a mysterious wanderer who is said to be one with the Webway and has walked the paths between worlds since the stars themselves were young.

Some amongst the greatest of the Aeldari Rangers who walk the Path of the Outcast, the Pathfinders, revere Hoec as their divine exemplar and patron. This is especially true for the Pathfinders from Craftworld Alaitoc.

Like all the Aeldari deities save for Isha, Cegorach, and Khaela Mensha Khaine, Hoec is believed to have been devoured by the Chaos God Slaanesh within the Warp shortly after its awakening in the 30th Millennium of the Imperial Calendar.


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