A Lunar-class Cruiser like the Hippaestrum.

The Hippaestrum was a decommissioned Lunar-class Cruiser that served as part of the Imperium's Hadex Fleet.

It was reported lost in a resurgent Warp Storm shortly after the mutiny that ousted Emanuel Hadex.

In truth, the warship was supposedly destroyed by the Rogue Trader himself, after it attempted to desert from approaching the Hadex Anomaly. However, there is evidence that the vessel has returned and is now a Renegade warship attacking Imperial shipping in the Reach.


When Lord-Captain Emanuel Hadex led the Hadex Fleet to investigate the Warp phenomenon that he would later call the "Hadex Nebula," tensions and fear over the anomaly's nature drew many towards thoughts of mutiny as they were commanded to move closer and closer.

The lord-captain's negligence, combined with the steady erosion of morale caused by time distortions and Warp phantoms, weakened the discipline and courage of the crew.

When the Hippeastrum, under the command of one Lieutenant Argord Pym, attempted to turn back from the foolhardy journey, the lord-captain ordered the macrobatteries of his flagship, the Aletris, turned against the fleeing vessel.

In 809.M41 a battle-scarred Lunar-class Cruiser of ancient design began preying upon Imperial Navy supply caravans supporting the Planetary Defence Force garrisons of the Eleusis Shrine World.

While this craft has yet to be conclusively identified as the Hippeastrum, degenerate crew, captured in a recent boarding action over Aurum, have identified their commander as "the Decimated Argord Pym."


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