Herodor was a desolate world located in the Sabbat Worlds Sector, where the Imperial Saint Sabbat was believed to have been reincarnated, providing a major morale boost to the forces of the Imperial Sabbat Worlds Crusade who were fighting against the Forces of Chaos that had overrun much of that sector during the late 41st Millennium.

Herodor was a world sacred to the Ecclesiarchy because during Saint Sabbat's original Crusade to conquer the Sabbat Worlds in the Emperor's name she had paused on the planet to cleanse her wounds in the River Civitas. As such, that same river remained a place of pilgrimage for many believers in the Imperial Cult.

During the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Herodor was once more attacked by the Chaos troops led by Magister Enok Innokenti, mostly members of the Blood Pact but also with the aid of nine Chaos Champions. The Chaos forces had come to Herodor because of the rumour that a reincarnated Saint Sabbat was marshalling Imperial forces on the planet. In the battle which ensued, the Saint did apparently appear to lead the Imperial forces to eventual victory.

During the climatic Battle of the Old Hive, the Saint killed Innokenti in single combat and then led a Imperial counterattack supported by surviving Planetary Defence Force, Astra Militarum and irregular pilgrim troops until the Imperial reinforcements that were recently redeployed from the world of Morlond came to relieve the Loyalist forces.

This was a significant victory for the Sabbat Worlds Crusade as a whole as it helped not only stall but demoralise and scatter the Chaos forces led by Innokenti and helped open a second front for the Crusade to face the Chaos forces.


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  • Sabbat Martyr (Novel) by Dan Abnett
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