Hermetic Blades Heretic Astartes

Hermetic Blades Warband Colour Scheme as displayed by Khamonaht the Lacerater of the Knights of Emancipation

The Hermetic Blades, more formally known as the Grand Order of Hermetic Blades, are a Heretic Astartes warband dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch, that was originally formed by members of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion who were exiled by their Primarch Magnus the Red for aiding in the disastrous sorcerous ritual called the Rubric of Ahriman. They believe it is their role to guide mortal souls into the afterlife, in the manner of the ancient psychopomp spirits they once worshiped on the Thousand Sons' lost Legion homeworld of Prospero. The warband now seeks to send mortals on to the afterlife they so relish using the most harrowing methods they can devise.

As a sub-sect of the Thousand Sons' Cult of Mutation, the Grand Order of the Hermetic Blades view flesh as a twisted cage that imprisons the soul. Their numerous close-combat warriors are charged with taking battlefield captives who are brought back to the Planet of the Sorcerers, there to be used in gruesome soul-flaying experiments.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Grand Order of Hermetic Blades warband's colours are light blue with golden trim.

Warband Badge

The Grand Order of Hermetic Blades warband's badge is a stylised ebon-coloured sigil of the Cult of Mutation centred on a field of light blue and burnished in gold.


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