Heralds of Despair Warband Colour Scheme

The Heralds of Despair is a warband or vectorium of the Death Guard Traitor Legion. The Heralds of Despair revel in prolonged sieges, and are obsessively methodical in their approach to warfare. After heavy bombardments and the severing of supply lines, they will seal an enemy force inside a fortress and watch as rot and hopelessness take hold of the inhabitants.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Heralds of Despair's Power Armour is the same as that of the Death Guard, composed of decayed and cracked plates of ceramite in bright green with pale copper trim. The Heralds of Despair's Chaos Space Marines, like those of the Death Guard, often wear grotesquely warped suits of antique Mark III Iron Power Armour.

Warband Badge

The Heralds of Despair's warband badge is usually a modified version of the standard Mark of Nurgle, similar to that used by the rest of the Death Guard.


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