A Craftworld Aeldari Hemlock-class Destroyer

Hemlock Destroyer

A Hemlock-class Destroyer, dorsal view

The Hemlock-class Destroyer is a Craftworld Aeldari warship that is most notable for the simplicity of its design. It consists of a powerful Pulsar Lance, highly efficient Aeldari drives and little else. As a result, the Hemlock-class was once described by Admiral Grove as "...more of a mobile gun than a proper starship."

This description sums up the Hemlock well, as its deadly Pulsar Lance and stellar drives draw so much energy that even with the famously efficient Aeldari solar sail power collector and engine technology, the Hemlock can barely power both its weapons and its drive systems.

This leaves little power for anything else, including life support, and the resulting difficulty in sustaining a stable and habitable internal environment means that Hemlocks often maintain only skeleton crews who do little more than steer the vessel and fire the weapons. These crews are too small to effectively repel boarding actions by enemy Escorts...if the enemy can get close enough to board.


  • Hull: Approximately 1.4 kilometres long, Approximately 0.2 kilometres abeam
  • Class: Hemlock-class Destroyer
  • Mass: Approximately 4 megatonnes
  • Crew: Unknown
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


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