The Raptor Chaos Lord Haarken Worldclaimer of the Black Legion wielding the Helspear.

The Helspear is a Chaos relic that is the favoured melee weapon of the Raptor Chaos Lord Haarken Worldclaimer of the Black Legion. The spear is daemon-touched and has tasted the blood of monarchs, xenos tyrants and even other Chaos Lords over the Worldclaimer's long service as herald to Abaddon the Despoiler.

Each demoralising kill made with this relic weapon invigorates the Worldclaimer, driving him to further acts of bloodshed. But it is not only the breasts of humans and aliens into which this spear is plunged.

The spear has become the source of its wielder's name. It has become a symbolic act for Haarken, upon making planetfall on a new world to be conquered, to drive his spear deep into the world's crust and roar out the fell promise that within eighty solar days and nights, it will fall. He has yet to be proved false.


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