Content Team Members, or CTMs, are the contractors responsible for ensuring that the latest and best content is up on our communities as soon as information is available. The CTMs are the main task force that will be creating pages, adding content to pages, and ensuring the best content available is up on wikis across both Fandom and Gamepedia.

The Content Team Members are managed by a Content Team Lead, a full-time Fandom staff member.



JT James Tedesco
James came out of light speed into the Fandom Universe during the summer of 2018. Outside of being a life-long Star Wars, Marvel, and playstation fan-boy; James is an avid fan of Hip-Hop/Rap, true crime, and cooking. Some of his favorite Fandoms include the aforementioned Star Wars and Marvel Universes, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, and any sort of narrative based video game-- think God of War and The Last of Us

Content Team Members

Azgoodaz Logo Rel
I've been editing Wiki's for who knows how many years, I love it. I mostly live on the other side, PUBG Gamepedia Wiki as the Admin, it's my project of mine since 2016. Besides that, I entered video games at a young age with a Windows 95 desktop with no Internet. Just me, my Tonka series CD's, LEGO Island and the desktop. My cousin introduced me to the Xbox 360, you can say I'm a Xbox fanboy but I did move back to the PC side years later.
CY3 Avatar Cyanide
Cyanide3 is a longtime German user, who has been editing on Fandom since 2011. Over the years, Cyanide has been part of multiple volunteer teams in the English and German languages, assisting wikis and communities with adding new content or establishing portability for other platforms. Raised on games like Sonic CD or Mega Man V, Cyanide loves challenging games within different genres of video games. The PS4 is running 24/7, while the phone is always connected with a powerbank to provide enough energy for the augmented reality-game Ingress. Now, as a Gaming Content Team Member, Cyanide looks forward to creating new content and building new communities for upcoming games. PS: Bribable with coffee.
Ferthi Ferthi
I discovered a fascination for wiki's in 2016 and have been steamrolling ever since, expanding my wiki wizardry with every new place I joined. I've worked on tons of different wikis, from Moonlighter on Gamepedia to Anthem on Fandom. Any game that I play I eventually find myself on their wiki... Might need to play less games ;)
Ferretwings Brenda
My kids introduced me to Terraria, and I fell in love with the game. Became an admin at Gamepedia's Terraria Wiki in 2016.

Love everything Marvel; if there's a Marvel movie or TV show, I'm probably watching it. Well, not the cartoons.

Greg Greg
I started editing wikis in 2018. I'm now a member of the Content Team for Fandom. Some of my favorite gaming memories include heated NBA Jam games on the Sega Genesis and causing trouble in Ultima Online with friends. These days, I'll play just about anything but my favorites are first person shooters (Quake, TF2, Call of Duty), FromSoft games (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro), and anything by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear, etc.). And I'm always looking forward to the next Star Wars, MCU, or James Bond movie.
Noid Nic
I've probably played Yo! Noid more than you have. When I'm not playing that, I'm probably working on the Pro Wrestling Wiki.



CavStaffImage Mike
User:Cavalier One
Mike joined the Fandom team in 2016. He is an active contributor and administrator of Wookieepedia, and has been editing wikis since 2007. His main passion is (obviously) Star Wars, but he loves pop culture in all forms including films, television shows, books, and comics. Also, he has no problem talking about himself in the third person.

When not editing wikis, he can be found reading, playing computer games, or adding to his already extensive collection of LEGO sets. Tea plays a significant role in his life, and the day is not complete without at least several cups.

Content Team Members

Asnow89 Avatar Ari
Hi all! Ari here. I've been a part of the Fandom team since 2013. I am the ultimate fangirl! I love binge-watching TV, reading YA novels, and eating/cooking everything.

I used to be a part of the Lifestyles team at Fandom, focusing on food and fashion—but now you'll find me around the Entertainment wikis, editing the TV and movie communities. Some of my favorite wikis include Gilmore Girls, Friends, Handmaid's Tale, and Throne of Glass!

Killer kevAvatar Kevin
User:Killer kev
The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. — What's crackin! I'm Kevin, and I'm a self-diagnosed borderline genius. I've been a Wiki editor since 2012, and when I'm not a contractor for Fandom, I'm one in real life. A complex man, living a complex life.
Original Authority Fandom Avatar OA
User:Original Authority
Howdy! I'm Luke an avid TV nerd and a serial Fandom editor. I've been around Wikia — sorry Fandom — since 2011, and now I edit a range of communities. When not binge-watching TV, you'll probably find me editing templates, CSS or the like — it's a hard life!
RickGTAvatar Rick
Lurking in the dark corners of Fandom before it was even called Wikia, Rick brings his background in technology to the fight when battling CSS, PIs, and templates. An avid amateur race car driver in his off time, he also has a love for anything sci-fi, retro video games, and seeking out that perfect cup of coffee.
UrsuulAvatar Alex
Hey-O, my name is Ursuul. I’ve edited on Fandom since 2016 & I’ve become proficient in CSS & Wikitext (incl. parser/string functions & PIs). I love obscure books, science fiction in literature & Movies/TV, & RPGs of many stripes are my favorites.
Nerdfightergirl Alida
Hi, I’m Alida! I’m mostly known around here for watching a lot of TV and typing super fast. I’ve been editing on Fandom since 2012. I’m mostly found over at Grey’s Anatomy Universe Wiki, but I can also be found at many other wikis. Outside of Fandom, I’m a teacher and I’m in school (Who needs sleep?).
Tooniee Avatar Toon
Hey there, I'm Toon! I have been regularly editing Wikis since 2011. Charmed was the show that started it all for me, but I have since moved to the Grey's Anatomy Wiki, which co-admin (and now fellow Content Team Member) Nerdfightergirl and I turned from an abandoned wiki into what it is today. Safe to say, I like a challenge. When I'm not working on wikis, you can find me studying medicine or helping out customers at a well-known Swedish furniture retailer.
MJLogan Avatar Logan
Hey, I'm Logan. I've been editing almost daily on FANDOM (back when it was Wikia) since 2014. Big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Member of the Movie/TV Content Team, so I get paid to do what I love.
Ath fav Chris
If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Somewhat of a Renaissance man, Chris is interested in almost everything. Eagle Scout, citizen scientist, and collector of many things, Chris often talks to gnomes, and sometimes he thinks they reply...
Fandom - ProfessorTofty Photo George
Hi! I'm ProfessorTofty, also known as George. I've been involved with Fandom, or Wikia, under this username since 2012, though my activities around here go back to at least 2007 under another username.

When not at work, you can find me editing most often on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki, and I also enjoy spending time on the Final Fantasy and Harry Potter and Star Trek wikis. Some of my other fandoms include Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Heroes franchises.

Loki by rossdraws dd57v2q FD
User:Fearless Diva
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"
- Mae West
Fearless Diva here, and I started as an anonymous user at Fandom in 2011, then a regular editor at the Pretty Little Liars Wikia in 2012, where I was eventually promoted to admin, and later on bureaucrat. Since then alongside a great batch of admins, we incorporated the various books and shows associated with the Pretty Little Liars Fandom. I have also gone onto creating and managing several wikias. On my free time, I like to read a good book (YA is still the best!), listening to music (from Latin pop, classical, rock and K-pop). I’m also an avid movie goer (seriously I should have a membership with my local theater at this point with how frequently I go!). I also love binge watching TV, which ranges from anime, asian dramas, etc. I am always looking for recommendations on what to watch next! I still can’t believe I get paid to be a Content Team Member and do what I already love to do!
Yazzydream Yazzy
Ciao, Yazzy here. I've been editing on wikis since April 2010. Editing has been the perfect outlet for my obsessive tendencies for organizing information. Animation is my true love and you'll largely see me in cartoon communities, though at the moment I'm hooked on the video game Your Turn to Die and it's corresponding wiki.



JennyStaffImage Jenny
Jenny joined the Fandom team in 2019 but has been watching and loving anime for most of her life. Her academic background is in Japanese linguistics and culture - her favorite Japanese era is Heian, and her favorite Japanese dialect is Nanbu-ben. She also enjoys cosplay, playing video games, & overall, being a Hufflepuff.

Content Team Members

Desboy96 Avatar Desboy96
Hi, Desboy96 here (Call me Des everyone does). Anime Team Content Member and Admin at My Hero Wiki. I've been editing for close to a decade and I still love anime. Stay tuned you'll find me online, just a regular guy trying to prosper on the internet. Discord: Desboy96#4710
Lder1995 Avatar Lder1995

I'm Lucas DeRuyter, and I'm a freelance entertainment writer. I started freelancing for Fandom and a variety of other sites in the summer of 2017 and mostly write about anime, television, film, manga, video games, and tech. My work is spread out across a bunch of platforms; so if you're interested in taking a look at any of my pieces, be sure to follow me on Twitter. I always promote my articles and videos there, shortly after my work is published. I'm also thrilled to be a member of the Fandom Anime Content Team.

Zuleika B Avatar Zuleika B
User:Zuleika B
Hey there! My name is Zuleika. I've been with Fandom since 2016 as a Fan Contributor. You could say about 99% of my articles are about anime, especially horror, gore and mystery. I occasionally wander off and tackle other genres, but mostly you'll find me writing about creepy stuff.

Besides writing, I have other interests. After spending countless years in university, I received my masters in Communication Studies and now spend countless hours either working on or reading about online marketing, crisis reputation, web development and design.

Next to that, I'm a big fan of combat sports, like WWE, UFC and Bellator, the bloodier the better (if you haven't noticed I love gore).

Currently, I'm part of Fandom's Anime Content Team and hope to put my anime binging skills to good use.

S3r0.avatar S3r0-Ph1i
Helping to construct and maintain digital encyclopedic monuments to the favourite out of this universe, best series ever to exist to all the while loving every moment, we can do it all! Just as fun if done together!

Remember questions for Ph1i5-B0t as well for help with mass editing.

Sonikku Kurt
I go by Kurt!I help out with researching and providing content for others to edit and add onto with their own knowledge.I'm a huge figurine and manga collector. I enjoy making my own cosplays and attending conventions. I also write from time to time. I've been an avid fan of Attack on Titan since 2013, it was the catalyst of my downfall to anime. Besides Attack on Titan, I obsess over My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man and a lot more. I'm always excited to meet new people with similar interests, as well!Feel free to message me on any platform that I'm available on. I'm most active on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. All my handles have "Oishii" in it.

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