A Hellstrike Missile carried beneath the wing of an Astra Militarum Valkyrie gunship

A Hellstrike Missile is an Imperial solid-fuel air-to-surface anti-armour missile outfitted with a high-explosive warhead intended for use during ground support airstrikes. It is essentially identical in function to a Hunter-Killer Missile in that it is a guided weapon equipped with an on-board Cogitator or artificial intelligence known as a "Logis-Engine."

Sensors in the missile's nose transmit information on the location and movement of the target and the surrounding environment to the Logis-Engine, which alters the trajectory of the missile in flight by manipulating its stabilising fins, allowing it to match the target's movements and avoid any obstacles. A Hellstrike Missile is larger than its Hunter-Killer counterpart and is often fired at high velocity while the aircraft deploying it is in flight. Hellstrike Missiles are a common armament on many forms of Imperial military aircraft.


  • Mars Pattern Mark 14 Hellstrike Missile - The Mark 14 is the most common pattern of Hellstrike Missile in use by Imperial aircraft in the late 41st Millennium.

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