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The Hellhammer super-heavy tank, from which the Hellhammer Cannon gets its name

The Hellhammer Cannon is a heavier version of the Astra Militarum's Leman Russ Eradicator tank's main weapon, the Eradicator Nova Cannon, and is mounted on the Hellhammer super-heavy tank.

The Hellhammer Cannon is shorter than the Mega Battle Cannon usually mounted on the Baneblade, from which the Hellhammer originates. The weapon has a shorter barrel outfitted with heavy-gauge suppressors to fire extremely high-calibre shells. This allows it to fire without ripping itself apart and the shells are capable of destroying both enemy barricades and any infantry sheltering behind them with a highly volatile sub-atomic charge.

This makes the Hellhammer Cannon extremely effective in cities, jungles or other dense terrain. With a blast radius close to that of the Demolisher Cannon, but possessed of a longer range, the Hellhammer Cannon can effectively clear buildings of enemy infantry before they can even get a shot off.

Stormsword Siege Cannon

A Stormsword Arkurian Pattern super-heavy tank main turret displaying the Hellhammer Siege Cannon, called the Stormsword Siege Cannon when used on this tank.

A Hellhammer Siege Cannon is a massive artillery piece deployed by the Imperial Guard that fires large rocket-propelled shells that are capable of destroying most fortified buildings in a single shot.

The weapon is very similar in form and function to the Imperial Demolisher Cannon found on the Thunderer Siege Tank and Space Marine Vindicator tanks, with the exception that it is much larger, with a single shell weighing over 180 kilograms.

The most common use of the Hellhammer Siege Cannon is as the main weapon on the Stormsword super-heavy tank of the Astra Militarum, though when used in this way it is referred to instead as a "Stormsword Siege Cannon."


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