Hellbringer Planetary Assault Ship

Chaos Hellbringer-class Light Cruiser

The Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Koronus experts are unsure whether the Chaos Hellbringer-class Light Cruiser is a local adaptation of an existing warship, or a new design constructed in the Koronus Expanse of the Segmentum Obscurus and based on other infamous designs used by Chaos reavers. Whatever the case, the crews of Hellbringers live for only one purpose -- pillaging planetary civilisations, be they the lackey worshippers of the "Corpse Emperor," xenos of unknown origin, or even other followers of the Dark Gods.

Arriving at unsuspecting star systems, these powerful planetary assault vessels can launch overwhelming attacks from both their powerful shipboard weaponry as well as via a multitude of common Chaos Attack Craft. Once the surface of the victim world is bombarded into near submission, the skies are filled with landing boats, quickly overwhelming any opposition as they round up captives for the slave market, looting any valuables for later trade, and then departing before any help or reinforcements can arrive.

It is rarer, but not unheard of, for them to attack void installations they find undefended, bringing such destruction that the gutted space stations are generally left as floating hulks. No matter the target, the arrival of a Hellbringer can only spell doom.


  • Hull: Light Cruiser.
  • Class: Hellbringer-class Planetary Assault Ship.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 4 kilometres long, .5 kilometres abeam.
  • Mass: Approximately 22 Megatonnes.
  • Crew: Approximately 40,000 crew and 100,000 Chaos raiders.
  • Acceleration: 5 Gravities maximum sustainable acceleration.


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