A Hellblade, the Daemon Weapon that is the primary armament of Khorne's Bloodletters.

A Hellblade is a powerful Daemon Weapon in the form of a great two-handed sword that is usually wielded by a Bloodletter, the Lesser Daemon of Khorne.

Some tales claim that each razored edge is sharpened by pure hatred. No mortal-forged armour can withstand the assault of a Hellblade, and the carnage wrought by these wicked weapons has broken the wills of uncounted mortal foes over the millennia.

Weapons of Khorne like a Hellblade are etched with burning runes of slaughter, and each screams with the power of the daemon bound inside it.


A Bloodletter armed with a Hellblade.

Hellblades are carried by the core of Khorne's daemonic soldiery -- his Bloodletters and many of his Heralds.

Jagged iron swords whose blackened blades glow with the red-hot Warp energies of Khorne's domain in the Realm of Chaos, each of these weapons is formed from its wielder's own essence, though some legends claim that the soul of another angry daemon forms the core of the Hellblade.

In either case, it can never be discarded nor torn from the daemon's grasp.

A mere flesh wound from a Hellblade can slay even the most resilient of mortals, as the sword drains their soul and bleeds their corpse dry. Every life taken in such a way fuels the bearer's power and rage, and, having gorged itself on slaughter, a carrier of a Hellblade is even more terrifying at a battle's close than its start.

Be that as it may, there is never enough carnage to sate the appetite of a daemon of Khorne, nor that of the god they worship or the blade they wield.


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