An Ultramarines Helix Adept in Mark X Phobos Power Armour wearing a Helix Gauntlet.

A Helix Gauntlet is a device worn by Primaris Space Marine Helix Adepts that is a scaled-down version of an Apothecary's Narthecium tool. Helix Adepts are usually assigned to serve with Infiltrator Squads, who often have their own medicae specialists.

These warriors receive additional training from the Apothecarion, and stand ready to ascend to the rank of full Primaris Apothecary should a tragic loss occur. Meanwhile, they practise their craft in the Vanguard formations, utilising the Helix Gauntlet to carry out their duties.

A Helix Gauntlet is capable of retrieving and storing gene-seed from a fallen Battle-Brother in addition to providing Stim-charges that can bring wounded comrades back to fighting strength.


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