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*''Codex Space Wolves'' (7th Edition, Digital Edition)
*''Codex Space Wolves'' (7th Edition) (Digital Edition)
*''Death from the Skies'' (7th Edition), pp. 124, 127
*''Death from the Skies'' (7th Edition), pp. 124, 127
*[ Games Workshop Website]
*[ Games Workshop Website]

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A Helfrost Cannon used by a Space Wolves Dreadnought

The Helfrost Cannon is a large weapon of the specialised Helfrost Weapons type that is deployed solely by the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter. Powered by rare crystals found only in the most remote corners of the Fenrisian wilds, these weapons fire a beam of sub-zero energy that can instantly encase enemies in blocks of ice close to absolute zero, colder than the vacuum of space. Unless the foe can move away from the beam or break free quickly if hit by it, they might remain trapped within their glacial tomb forever, or even shattered into a thousand frozen pieces. The Helfrost Cannon is only mounted on Space Wolf vehicles like the Stormwolf, Stormfang and Dreadnoughts due to its large size, and the weapon can fire either a focused beam against large single targets, or a dispersed beam at groups of enemies.

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  • Codex Space Wolves (7th Edition) (Digital Edition)
  • Death from the Skies (7th Edition), pp. 124, 127
  • Games Workshop Website


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